Saturday, March 31, 2012

Housing Marketing Stabilizing? Real Estate Agents Divided On The Issue

Housing Marketing Stabilizing?
A HomeGain survey recently reported that real estate agents are very optimistic about their industry. The survey found that the number of industry professionals expecting home values to increase more than doubled over last quarter, according to a national survey.

HomeGain reported that some real estate agents see a "bullish" outlook on the market. In recent years the percentage of those expressing that view point never topped 25 percent. The recent survey found that, nationally, 37 percent of the respondents, surveyed this year, anticipate home values to increase in the next six months. That's a huge jump from the mere 15 percent that believed home values would increase in the last quarter of 2011.

In a press statement, General Manager of HomeGain, Louis Cammarosano, said, "Real estate professionals have grown more optimistic regarding the direction of home prices, especially in the states that have been hardest hit in the past few years, like Arizona, Nevada and Florida and also in states that have done comparatively well, like Massachusetts and Virginia".

However, 22 percent of the agents are expecting home values to fall and 41 percent, think there won't be a change in the next six months. The HomeGain nationwide survey focuses on home values during the first quarter of 2012. More than 400 real estate agents and 1,700 homeowners participated in the survey. Both national and regional results were recorded and are detailed on the HomeGain site.
So how do homeowners weigh in on this issue? According to those surveyed, 29 percent of homeowners expect home values to decrease over the next six months and 46 percent of homeowners think that home values will remain the same.

But when it comes to the value of a homeowner's own house, 77 percent of homeowners think their homes are worth more than the recommended agent listing price, according to surveyed agents and brokers. Meanwhile, 62 percent of home buyers think homes are overpriced. The challenge of a meeting of the minds continues.

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