Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Short Sale Needs A Short Sales Specialist - Helpful Tips

Robyn Seymour - Short Sales Specialist
Are You Experienced in Short Sales?

While short sales are becoming more common, and lenders are overwhelmed with foreclosures, it's still far from a slam-dunk in getting one through the process. If you're going to handle short sales for seller clients, it's critical to thoroughly understand the process, the lenders, their motivations and procedures, and how to handle your seller to get the information you need to help them. Here is one tip to help you make it happen for your sellers.

  • If you're about to become involved in your very first short sale negotiation, you need to go into a high gear learning process. Get advice from someone who is experienced, and read everything you can about the process and especially why short sales fail. If you have a few successful short sales under your belt, you still need to keep up with current events and news, as things change and lenders change policies and procedures.

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