Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 Scams to Avoid in the Summertime - cont.

The job offer scam

With national unemployment rates still high, countless new graduates will spend this summer sweating over online employment ads. Unfortunately, such ads can be rife with scams. According to the BBB, scams are most prevalent on Craigslist or other free job listing sites, but email phishing work-from-home cons are also widespread.
I've seen some very slick operations. They look and feel totally legitimate. The more crafty scammers have professional-looking websites and sometimes conduct lengthy telephone interviews, after which they "hire" you. Then the true scam begins.
Bogus businesses usually ask for money upfront for reasonable-sounding purposes, such as to run a credit or background check. Alternatively, they might require you to complete online forms "for the HR department" that ask for information like your birth date, Social Security number or mother's maiden name. Of course, they're really asking for everything needed for identify theft.
Avoid it: Never divulge personal information without ensuring the company and the offer are legitimate. Thoroughly research the company's reputation and stay alert to red flags during the interview process. Anytime someone wants an advance fee, or says you'll make 'big money,' you want to be suspect.

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