Monday, June 25, 2012

8 Things Your Movers Don't Want You To Know - #4

Of course, you won’t know – and the movers can’t tell you – how much time they’ll need to break down your bed until they’ve actually seen it. And that goes for every aspect of your move: Any quote you get from a mover on costs and time must be based on an on-site inspection.
It’s best to get an in-home estimate so they can make an accurate estimation of moving costs according to the Better Business Bureau. Some “rogue movers” will provide an estimate over the phone or Internet, then charge more when it comes to the day of the move by claiming that there was more inventory than they expected. Any mover who gives a price quote without seeing what needs to be moved is likely up to no good.
Every company should go and get a look at the move. With an in-home [estimate], there’s no reason a mover can’t stick to their quote.

Indeed, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires an interstate mover to give you an in-home estimate if your current home is 50 miles from the mover’s (or the agent’s) place of business. And you’re entitled to getting the full quote in writing, which should itemize all charges associated with the move.

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