Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homebuying Tips From Dad

Do it right, or don't do it!

Want to scuttle your home equity and lower your property value simultaneously? Do it yourself, and do it poorly.
A lot of homeowners try to save money with do-it-yourself renovations, retrofits or expansions. Some owners hire a professional contractor to start the work, and then the owners complete the project. Too often, the result looks horrible, Szot says.
If they can't do it with quality, they shouldn't do it. You have to match the rest of the structure. And you have to do it legally and have all the permits and paperwork for the next buyer.
An incompetent DIY job can hurt your home value.
The buyers dictate the market, pure and simple. And if it's not done to be on par with the rest of your home, then it's taking money off your sale price instead of adding to it. Because savvy buyers are calculating what's it's going to cost to make this more feasible.

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