Friday, June 22, 2012

8 Things Your Movers Do't Want You To Know

Service should be quick

When you’re moving locally, you may be paying a few guys in a truck by the hour as opposed to a flat fee. Allen Costa, who worked as a mover with United Van Lines, says that if you sense that your movers are lollygagging to stretch out their billable hours, you should call the company’s office right away.

Guys doing local moves are paid by the hour, so you should tell the company. If they’re slow-dogging it, then the company's paying more money for less work.

In other words, unless you’re dealing with a small “man with a van” operation, chances are the moving company has just as much incentive as you do to see the job done quickly. And even if you’re not paying by the hour, you should still make sure you have an office number you can call in case there’s a dispute with the moving team that can’t be resolved on the spot.

Even on weekends we have a cell number of someone familiar with the job. Get some assurance from the person who gives you the quote that someone outside the crew will be reachable.

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