Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 Things Your Movers Don't Want You To Know - #7 & 8

Take Pictures of All Your Property

Speaking of insurance, remember that you’ll have a lot more luck claiming damage to your property if you can actually show that it wasn’t damaged before the move took place.

Look at the condition of your stuff before you move it. If you have pictures of your stuff before and after, it’s easier to claim [damage].

A legitimate mover should inventory your property before the move to make sure nothing is lost, but taking photographs of all valuable property provides an extra layer of protection should things go south and you find yourself needing to file an insurance claim.

Protect Your Walls and Floors

Furniture isn’t the only thing that can be damaged during a move. Walls and doorways in both your old and new houses can be nicked during the moving process, and carpets can likewise be damaged by muddy boots trekking in and out.

Most moving operations will have rug runners and door pads to protect your carpets and doorframes, but whether they are included in the cost or show up as an extra charge varies from company to company. To make sure that the moving company doesn’t spring any last-minute charges on you for the use of these pads, make sure they’re included in the contract you sign with the mover, also known as the bill of lading. Indeed, charges for all services – from insurance coverage to shrink-wrapping your couch to protect it from dust damage – should be itemized in the bill of lading to prevent any unforeseen charges.

That material usage should be in the quote, not a line item you get hit with later. Get it all in writing.

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