Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to cut air-conditioning costs-cont.

Chill in your basement

Camp out in your basement. In your eco-cooled basement, a television, couch or futon and a cold drink may be all you need.
However, don't open basement windows when outdoor air is heavy with humidity. Warm, moist air will cause condensation on cool surfaces such as basement walls, ultimately increasing the humidity in your home.

Don't bake or cook on the stove

Don't bake or cook on the stoveSkip the stove-top boiling and oven baking. Decrease indoor heat by making microwave nachos or eating a cool salad. If you must boil pasta for tomorrow's potluck, cook in the evening.
After cooking, turn on the kitchen exhaust, and use the bathroom exhaust fan after a hot shower. "Remove heat and moisture at the source. Reducing humidity can help increase comfort.

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