Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Avoid these 6 errors with your open house

Listing your home for sale in this depressed real estate market is like entering a beauty pageant. The contestants are all other for-sale homes in the area. The judges are potential buyers who will ultimately choose their favorite candidate. The challenge begins at the open house.
To improve your chances of getting ahead of the other contestants, you must prepare for the big day when you show the judges why they should buy your house and not the one down the street.
You have a very little amount of time for the buyers to love your home. If your house doesn't look good at get-go, they turn around and leave.
Sellers often underestimate the importance of preparing their homes for open house, and that can lower their chances of finding a buyer. Here are six common open house mistakes you should avoid.

Dirty and cluttered houses are unacceptable
A lot of people don't see their own stuff
Showing messy, dirty homes to potential buyers is by far the biggest mistake many sellers make when holding an open house.
Don't assume potential buyers will overlook your clutter and instead focus on your house's potential.
Prepare for an open house with the same care you would prepare your child for a school photo. You wouldn't send your kid to get a school picture without combing her hair or washing her face, would you? The same goes for your house. It has to look its best.
Many homeowners are used to seeing their own clutter, and they often don't realize it's a problem for others. A lot of people don't see their own stuff.  Get rid of the clutter, and make your house look as spacious as possible. Empty closets out. Your closet should look like there is room to put the next dress you buy.

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