Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Avoid these 6 errors with your open house

The outside matters
The outside matters
Remember that your home is judged the moment that people pull up to it. A lawn that is unmowed or a garden that hasn't been maintained can be an immediate turn-off to a potential buyer.
Showing a home to prospective buyers when there is a dead squirrel floating in your pool is a definite no. You'd think that's obvious, but it happened to a client who hadn't been outside in awhile and didn't spot the dead animal.
Many home sellers pay little attention to the outside of their houses, especially during the winter. But potential buyers look at your home's exterior with very critical eyes.
Put some flowers out there, make your driveway look nice, and if the roof is dirty, clean it.
Take the time to trim shrubs around the house, especially if they are blocking windows. Washing the windows is also a must.
The house needs to show. If you are saying to the public 'look, come to my house,' you need to make it look the best.

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