Friday, April 6, 2012

Mistakes people make when buying a first home

Not Getting Professional Help
Robyn Seymour - Experienced professional

New to the homebuying game? You'll need a reputable real estate agent, a good loan officer or broker, and perhaps a lawyer.
Venturing into this process alone, without professional help, is not a good idea, says Anderson. While every rule has its exception, generally, first-time buyers should not try to deal directly with the listing agent, he says.
If you are getting divorced, are you going to go to your husband's attorney for help? Of course not. Same here. If you go to a listing agent, they are only going to show you their listings. You must find a buyers' agent to help you.
If you hire an agent without a referral from friends or family, ask the agent to provide references from previous buyers. The same goes for loan officers or mortgage brokers.
It's very hard for first-time homebuyers because they don't know who they are dealing with.
It's crucial to find a professional who will give you truly independent advice.
Sometimes that means hiring a lawyer.
You are about to make what is possibly the largest single investment of your lifetime. You want to make sure it's done right.

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